Our team going bigger!

We are very grateful and happy to introduce you our new member of the team. Laura Levín is our new country coordinator for Spain.

In addition to being an aspiring translator and proofreader, she is also a musician. She loves singing and composing (As she says: „but NOT playing live, it makes me anxious“).

We asked her couple of questions to know her better.

How do you perceive the media in Spain? What is their position?
I believe the media in Spain has a central role in building the public’s opinion and also as a source of entertainment. Moreover, its strong presence online nowadays allows the media to reach to people from all ages and ideologies.

Why did you decide to add to Publito?
I decided to add to Publito because I believe it has the potential to become a great tool to produce quality content in the media and, at the same time, to help professionals and their work gain visibility.

How do you think Publito can help sources and experts?
It can give experts the opportunity to show their work, to make themselves known, and even to raise their voices on important matters such as education, the environment, etc.

We are looking forward to our cooperation 🙂

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