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Welcome aboard Eliza

Eliza, who is in charge of Romania, has joined our ranks.

Hello, my name is Eliza. I am an open person, ready to embark on any journey, a great communicator and always ready for any work that can offer me experience. I like to work in a pleasant environment alongside great people.

How do you perceive the media in Romania?
In Romania, the media have great power. It’s the only thing that can change people’s views. Everyone is active on social networks, everyone has an overview of the news and everyone can express their opinion.

Why did you decide to add to Publito?
I decided to join Publito for what it means. It is a useful tool and has a great community.

How do you think Publito can help resources and experts?
Publito is a great way to connect people. It is so elaborate and detailed, but at the same time it is so easy to use. It offers a chance to grow as a journalist, but also as an expert and a resource. Another great part is that you can get free media publicity, so it’s a win for anyone who chooses to use it.

Eliza, country coordinator Romania
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